What are the best agencies supporting Fintech marketing

Financial technology (Fintech) refers to new technology that aims to enhance and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Fintech help companies better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives through specialised software and methodologies used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones.

Some of the significant advantages of Fintech are:

  • Greater Convenience
  • Speed
  • A faster rate of Approval
  • Efficiency
  • Financial risk Management

Fintech marketing is the collection of marketing tactics developed exclusively for financial technology companies. These firms are utilising new technologies to improve and subsequently automate the delivery and utilisation of financial services to the client.

Customer acquisition and retention have been the most pressing issues for fintech marketers. However, with the right fintech marketing tactics, marketers can significantly reduce customer acquisition costs while increasing customer lifetime value.

Critical points for successful marketing tactics are:

  • Promoting brand awareness
  • Reduce uninstalls of the Apps.
  • Increase website traffic
  • Producing more revenue from existing customers

The number of smartphone users is 6.648 Billion, and the number of mobile payment users is 1.31 means an immense marketing opportunity for Fintech Industry.

In Fintech Marketing, you get to 

Reach a new audience and discover the unrecognised market potentials. Explore the possibilities to fulfil the financial needs of the people.

A few vital Fintech Marketing Strategies are:

  • Educate
  • Exploring Unrecognised Opportunities
  • App Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Build Trust
  • Automated marketing
  • Personalisation

Financial Knowledge is an essential component of our daily life, but many people lack such Knowledge.

The critical point for marketing is to educate people about the product or service.

For example, Venmo( Owned by PayPal) educates its customers with bit-size videos to help them make better investment decisions. 

Researching the new methodologies and techniques to tackle and attract customers and building an App service may help a customer with easy use increasing the positive attitude of the customer.

Social Media is the current largest platform for Marketing as it attracts massive online traffics.

Significant Challenges faced in Fintech marketing are:

  • Failing to engage the customers or not utilising the lead correctly.
  • Inability in interacting with customers

Best Fintech Marketing Agencies are:

  • Growth Gorilla
  • RankHammer
  • Pixel hop
  • B King Digital
  • Codelesss
  • Wallaroo Media
  • Manifesto Agency

Growth Gorilla

Founded by Shameer Sachdev, Growth Gorilla is a Fintech marketing company focused on helping Fintech Companies with rich quality of innovative marketing strategies.

Their clients include PrimaryBid, Wayhome etc.


CSTMR is a Fintech marketing Agency collaborating with Fintech companies in scaling up their brands. It was founded in 2014 by Rory Holland, based in Austin, Texas.

 CSTMR is well known for providing High-Quality service. Their Holistic approach to developing successful marketing strategies is considered one of the best as they experience marketing various financial sectors with varieties of technology.

“Growth Engine Program” has been their tried and generative growth method for Fintech Companies.


Steve and Nathan, Digital Marketing Professionals, founded RankHammer. Steve came from Engineering, extensive brand marketing background, and Nathan came from a programming and significant advertising background. The Unique combination led the company to provide the finest strategic solutions for their clients.

RankHammer is well known for Problem-solving and advanced analytics as their High-End service in projects.


Pixelhop is a Fintech marketing agency specialising in apps, Web apps and Prototypes. Pixelhop, led by Gem and Zef, served Vodafone, Pink Floyd etc. 

It helps the client with the quality of strategies from idea to implementation to gain their goal.

Platform as a Service, SaaS, Mobile Apps, Webinar marketing services, Online Training, Publication are the business types Pixelhop has worked. 

Pixelhop has experience with Google Analytics, HubSpot, Shopify, and WordPress.

B King Digital

Located in New York, B King boasts that their SEO & Analytics are much more helpful than other companies. They provide their clients with best practices and resources.

Agencies, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Online pieces of training, Webinar marketing services are the Business types they have worked. B2B, B2C, Enterprise, Small Business and startup are the business models they have worked.


Located in Colorado, Codeless is one of the most competitive Fintech marketing agencies, and They have a structured procedure of working to provide with best services to their customers.

Affiliate, Enterprise Software, Fortune 500, SaaS are the types of Business Codeless have worked. The verticals that codeless have worked with are expanding from Accounting, Banking, Web Design, Finance to Food. International SEO, Inbound marketing, Content Audit, Marketing strategy are specialised services provided by Codeless.

It works with Business types such as Fortune 500, Lead generation, Mobile Apps, Online training or Webinar marketing service, Peer to Peer.

Wallaroo Media

Full-Service Digital marketing is the Speciality of Wallaroo Media. Founded in 2012 by Brandon Dyle and Kade Hendershot. Wallaroo Media has its base in Provo, Utah.

Social Media Advertising, Paid Search Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Website design and development, Webinar marketing service are special services provided by Wallaroo Media. Wallaroo has worked with small companies to found startups to large Brands; Some clients include Casper Mattresses, Disney, Hilton Hotels etc.

Manifesto Agency

The manifesto is leading Fintech Marketing Industry. Its offices are in Portland, Nashville, Milwaukee.

Key clients of Manifesto Agency are 

Intel, Amazon, Cisco, Quest Diagnostics, Paylocity, Delta Airlines, UW-Madison, Bacardi Limited, Starbucks, Nike, GE Healthcare.