How to improve your internet speed?

For optimal session performance, you should have at least 1 Mb/s of bandwidth.There are many ways to speed up your internet connection if you notice a slow connection on your mobile phone or computer.Some of them are discussed below.

Consider Your Internet Plan Cap :

It is easy to forget that poor internet connectivity does not always result from a bad router or other technology. No matter what type of router or equipment you use, poor internet connectivity can happen regardless of which one.Your internet connection speed all depends on your broadband provider’s internet plan.

First, consider the speed that your package should provide. Then you must need to run aninternet connection speed test to check whether you’re actually getting what you pay for. You can use Mediacom internet services who provide 24/7 customer service. If you face any type of inconvenience, then you contact Mediacom customer service anytime. They will really help you out.

2.   Location of Your Router :

The major problem could be your router’s location in your home. Incorrectly positioning your router can cause a weak signal and a waste of router’s potential.

For the best network coverage, please place your router in good location.Consider putting it in a central spot. Pleaseensures that wireless signals are free and clear for your devices. You might also want to position your router near the places you use most often with your main devices.

Physical obstructions can also cause interference to Wi-Fi signals,Like walls, furniture, or heavy home decor. These signals can also be affected by the type, density, and thickness of obstructions.

3.   Shut Down Your Unused Devices :

Too many devices can overload your router and reduce browsing speed, as well as degrade the connection reliability. If you face a slow internet problem, then please trydisconnecting some unused devices, which may increase your connection speed.

Digital congestion is very common. Mindful use can help to solve it. Prioritize which devices should be allowed to the wireless network so that they don’t cause too much strain on functionality.

It is important to remember that your network shouldn’t be affected by any device using Wi-Fi signals, such as a laptop streaming a movie. For example, smart home devices will connect to your network and not use any bandwidth until they are activated.

Modern routers allow you to control and choose specific devices. This allows you to manage your work efficiently without being interrupted by an online activity of a family member.

Block Those Irrelevant Ads :

Today, when we visit any sites in our system, all sites show ads that will be automatically redirected to the virus and malware page where hackers are waiting to hack our system data and personal files to misuse that personal content and blackmail that particular person whom which system is being hacked. When we do online suffering on the internet, these ads can be shown to us in the form of pictures, gifts, and auto-played videos that slow down our internet speed. 

If we don’t want to see this advertisement in our system, we have to do simple, easy steps. This advertisement media slows down our internet speed very badly. Hence, it is easy to block those ads that are very harmful to our system. we have one more option to install the ad-blocking plugin in our system, which can automatically block those playable adds,gifts, and pictures. It will also free up some space to our system for our connection.

These are some common steps which we can take to increase our internet speed in an easy way.