Things you should know about Viral Launch

You have the power to select the seller platform that most closely matches the requirements of your company, regardless of whether you value features, customer service, or pricing more. Viral Launch tool’s options will all be displayed on a single screen. Use the sophisticated filter option to exclude only the best products after entering your desired keywords. 

To find more product ideas, you can utilize a variety of tools, including brand searches, category scans, category searches, keyword searches, and pinned ideas. Use sales and profit filters to display the best-selling products if you’re looking for more profitable products or you can visit the below link:

Key features of Viral Launch are mentioned below:

  • Builder & Analyzer of Listings

You can quickly create and enhance your Amazon product listings with the Listing Builder tool. You can import and optimize your current listings so you won’t have to produce new ones constantly. Listing Builder can also be accessed directly from the Viral Launch dashboard, just like all the other tools. From there, you may start creating your first listing. Additionally, it provides you with a competition analysis measure so you can best optimize your listing. Additionally, data like listing test analysis and photo analysis will be provided. Once your listing is complete, a screen with an optimization score resembling Jungle Scout will appear. On the Keyword Manager dashboard, keep track of all your crucial keywords, check how they are doing in the market, and modify your list as necessary.

  • PPC Automation (Kinetic PPC) 

In order to use the PPC automation feature, you must subscribe to Viral Launch’s Pro plan. Your needs for Amazon PPC will all be met by the PPC Automation solution. The Adtomic tool of Helium 10 and this tool both function similarly. You can create automation rules and use a pre-made template as a starting point. All you have to do is choose a template and modify the PPC Automation trigger rule. You can add various rules, such as rules for targeting keywords, rules for targeting products, rules for campaigns, rules for search terms, and so forth.

  • Manager of keywords (All Keywords At One Place)

Many keywords for your products were discovered. All of them must now be managed in one location. The Keyword Manager tool can help with that. Instead than writing it down in a notepad, simply enter your keyword into the Keyword Manager. You can add as many keywords as you’d like and manage them all from the dashboard of Keyword Manager. If you wish to send your keyword list to a friend, download it in CSV format and send it to them anywhere you like.

  • Launch of a Product Service

With each Viral Launch package, you will also receive the Product Launch service. After choosing your products from the product study, you must now launch them. Start launching your chosen items by going to the Viral Launch dashboard and selecting the Product Launch option. Three simple steps—adding a product, generating the launch, and seeing the launch analytics, are all that are required to use the tool. You can now follow every development involving that product. Viral Launch does not charge an additional fee for its product launch service, in contrast to other Amazon Seller solutions.

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