Instagram for Business: 8 Tips for Growing Your Followers

If you consider using Instagram to promote your business, you should think about your experience using the application.

You’re browsing across Instagram while enjoying the carefully curated feed. It’s a blend of your friends from the past, content creators, cute animals, and brand names.

There was no pressure to follow their business accounts. You decided to follow them. Every time you come across any or more of the accounts’ posts and Instagram Stories, you actively choose to follow them.

What is the reason?

If you’re using Instagram to promote your business, this is the question you must provide your customers with a reason why they need to keep coming back to you.

We’ve compiled our most popular Instagram business advice to help you market your business using the application. You can also get free Instagram followers with


1. Find out the reasons you’re using Instagram to promote your business

If you’re using any marketing channel, it’s crucial to establish goals you’d like to accomplish. Instagram isn’t any different. If you’re planning to invest your time and money into Instagram marketing, consider asking, “What do we want to achieve?”

Familiar Instagram’s business goals are:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • Make a community
  • Present the values and culture of the company as well as
  • Sell services and products.

Please write down your goals and monitor them continuously. Consider your goals written down as a formalized check of your gut. It will encourage both you and the team members to be more mindful of your Instagram content since you can always reference back and ensure that all content you post is consistent with your goals.

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2. Make sure you are optimizing your profile

If you’re employing Instagram for business, you should think that your Instagram profile is your home page. You have 150 characters, a link, and a couple of actions buttons that will attract potential clients. So make sure that your profile can make an impression.

Make sure to change your profile to the Instagram professional profile. Business accounts have additional options to increase your profile, monitor content performance, and make sales on Instagram.

Then, create a compelling Instagram bio. Your profile should contain:

  • A brief description of the work your company is doing.
  • Your category/industry (Shopping & Retail, Business Service, Restaurant, etc.);
  • A tone that showcases your brand’s personality
  • Contact information (phone number, email, address, etc.) Contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • A link.

The only spot on the Instagram application where you can post a link that you can click on is your bio. This is excellent real estate. Keeping the link static to your homepage or regularly altering the URL to reflect the latest content is possible.

Instagram accounts for business can also use Action Buttons, which are clickable buttons that can be used to trigger specific actions like Book Now, Contact, View Shop, etc. Action Buttons are an excellent method to add more links to your profile and help your followers to engage with you.

Finally, you should take into consideration your grid. Visitors browse your page and view your latest posts in a grid-like format. Be careful not to share visually similar posts in succession so that your grid will always look attractive.


Extra Bonus: Make sure to use a well-known profile picture

When selecting a profile image, users must recognize it when they immediately go to the Instagram profile. For most companies, this is a matter of choosing any of these choices:

  • Logo
  • The Logomark (the logo, without any other words)
  • Mascot

There’s no wrong or right in this, and I don’t think you have to restrict yourself to just one of these choices. However, consider what can make people who visit your site to be able to recognize your brand quickly.


3. Find your style

On Instagram, the focus is on the images. However, the best style for one company might not work for your business. Consider the type you would like to portray on your website. Then, you can create guidelines for branding to help you remain on the same page.

Be aware of the color scheme you choose to use. The most popular Instagram accounts prefer to employ an exclusive color palette to create their images, which helps them develop their style.


4. Post regularly

Maintaining a consistent schedule for posting helps you pop your posts on the target audience’s timelines. Instagram will show every user what content they most likely appreciate, so it searches for fresh and relevant content to the user’s desires.

Instagram’s algorithm uses machine learning to examine each user’s activities continually and tailors their timelines accordingly. The users don’t like the content they don’t see. Posting regularly will help you get noticed on people’s feeds and gives them more chances to interact with your content. The more often they engage with your content, the more often they’ll be able to see it on your Instagram feed.


5. Make use of hashtags to reach out to new audiences

Hashtags are now a standard method of categorizing content on various websites for social networking. Hashtags help Instagrammers discover the range of accounts they want to keep track of.


6. Engage your community

Utilizing Instagram for business does not necessarily mean that you turn your Instagram profile into a constant sales pitch. Instagram is an online social network, and you should learn how to interact.

If someone is willing to express their opinions with you, reply and show that you’re paying attention. Reacting in kind to comments is an excellent method to create a solid group of followers on Instagram. Thanks to Buffer’s engagement features, you can reply to comments on Instagram posts directly from the Buffer platform. There is no need to type long responses on a tiny phone screen.

Engagement prompts are a fantastic way to get people to interact and interaction. Try out interactive stickers on Instagram Stories, such as polls or questions or ranking on a sliding scale.

For posts, Use the caption as a way to pose questions, and invite readers to express their opinions through the comments. This may sound cheesy but consider it a real-world conversation. What would be the weirdest thing to talk about an individual instead of them?

Since you’re using Instagram to promote your business, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be created by your side. User-generated content (UGC)–any content created by a user or contributor is a great way to show your fans an appreciation and encourage users to interact with your brand. Encourage your followers to share their most memorable experiences and experiences that they’ve had through your brand’s Instagram and request permission to share some of the most popular content on the channels you own.


8. Explore different content types

Instagram is much more than just photos. There is now a wide variety of content types that can be found on Instagram, such as:

  • Video
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • IGTV

If you’re trying to boost your reach and engagement on Instagram, it’s essential to post a variety of content kinds. We discussed this in the Instagram Growth Guide:

“The algorithm looks at interest and strives to show people the content types that they interact with most often. So, if one person likes and comments on Instagram Reels more often than other post types, they’re likely to see more Reels in their Instagram feed.”

Every type of content is different, and each has their personal preferences for Instagram. Some people like Reels, while others prefer not to utilize the feed and browse Stories. If you’re looking to get the most reach and engagement, the best way to do it is to use various content kinds.