A Great Day Out With Chintan k Patel And The Beloved Penguins

It is truly a wonder who the world has worked on the different scales of beauty in plants and animals. The natural world is always filled up with surprises which no human being can ever top even with the smartest technology. Nature has invested all of her time in designing and creating something beautiful that can sustain the earth forever. Chintan k Patel had spent some time in Ripley’s Aquarium Gatlinburg. The video which he had shot in the penguin aquarium in this specific place is extremely adorable. The joy on the face of Chintan Patel and the enthusiasm of the penguin cannot be matched by any other bond on this earth. 

The Great Interactive Video With Penguins

You can see the video of Chintan k Patel’s Instagram handle. He had been spotting light coloured clothes with a backpack. The most curious thing about this video is his introduction with the penguin in the glass aquarium. As he knocks on the glass walls of the aquarium, the penguin seems to follow his lead and move along with him to the side of the glass wall. Both of their faces are filled up with wonder. Each of them seems to think highly about the other person on the wall. It is extremely beautiful to observe such a bond between man and animal.

The Harmony Between Man And Animal

Penguins are very cute animals which are often studied by scientists in order to understand emotional attachment between different species. They are extremely intuitive and can observe the actions of other animals and copy them. Chintan k Patel is seen dragging his arms around the glass wall of the aquarium and the penguin naturally follows him without any kind of asking. The main key which has allowed this introduction is the calmness of the young boy on the other side of the wall. This beautiful interaction was captured on a video and this was liked by almost 10,000 people on Instagram. 

Chintan k Patel has a very interesting view in terms of life. There are times in the past when he has come very close to nature. This has been one of his natural intentions. He respects the forces of nature and tries to be one with them. This brings the two entities of nature closer. With the effort of all human beings on earth, this will be the proper scenario all over the world. It is not our duty to fight against nature in every single step. If we keep calm and respect the space taken by nature on earth, it is quite sure that we will be healed from all the damages which have been caused by natural calamities till now. 

The World May Live As One 

This particular video of Chintan k Patel and the penguin has touched the hearts of many who have seen the video. There is nothing which can be considered better than the true bond of friendship and innocence which exists between man and animal. Interactions like this can prove that men and animals can live together in harmony. This will require soft and respectful behavior which has been adapted by Chintan k Patel. 

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