3 Places to Find TikTok Influencers

Want to find TikTok influencers to promote your brand? Maybe your goal is to get your brand front and center for Gen Z. Perhaps you want video content to drive sales. No matter your goal or industry, you must find the right influencers to help your brand succeed.

What makes an influencer the right person for your brand? They should be in line with your brand’s values, mission, and style. Followers need to see the connection between your brand and influencer without thinking too much.

But, performance metrics are also very important for influencer marketing. You want to avoid fake influencers, so always look behind the videos at how their profile really performs. For example, on TikTok, examine engagement rate and average views per video.

Anyway, where do you find TikTok influencers and analyze their performance metrics? There are three main places you can do this.

1. The TikTok app

Although social media search isn’t the easiest method to find influencers, it is the most affordable. You won’t have to pay anything extra for searching for influencers directly on TikTok.

Start by compiling a list of keywords related to your company and industry. Then, head to TikTok’s discovery tab. Plug in your keywords and look at the following items that come up:

  • Top content related to the keywords
  • Users whose names relate to the keywords
  • Videos whose titles and descriptions mention the keywords
  • Relevant sounds and hashtags

You may get lucky and find influencers among the content creators working with your searched keywords.

Monitoring your brand community is another way you can find influencers via social media. Track the comments and likes of your brand’s TikTok channel and get back to any influencers trying to get your attention. Take a look among your followers too, you might have influencers who are already fans of your brand!

When it comes to analyzing their profiles and checking their performance metrics, there will be additional work with this method. You will need to ask influencers for their media kits or private TikTok information in order to gain a deeper understanding of their profile health.

It’s free to find social media influencers, but not always easy. This method takes significantly longer and more effort than the others.

2. An influencer search tool

A TikTok influencer search tool is a more focused way to find TikTok users. These tools function as search engines that allow you to discover influencer profiles according to your unique criteria. You can use filters to set your requirements, or search by keyword, too.

Influencer marketing search tools also offer profile analytics for each TikTok profile. This includes metrics such as an influencer’s engagement rate and average views per video. To use this type of tool, you’ll have to subscribe, but you can usually try it out for free to help get a sense of if the tool is right for you.

A disadvantage, depending on your business, is the fact that while the tool helps you find influencers and analyze them, you still have to control the  campaign. You’ll need to reach out to influencers, negotiate, potentially set up contracts, and then monitor and report on the campaign.

The good news is that even inexperienced marketers can do this, if you have a bit of time to learn. Search for resources like webinars and courses, campaign guides, outreach tips, or an influencer contract template to help you orient yourself.

3. An influencer marketing agency

Agencies can be an excellent way to make the most of TikTok influencer marketing. They can find influencers and analyze their performance, so you choose the right collaborators. They will also manage your campaigns from beginning to end.

Additionally, agencies have networks of contacts, which is useful if you’re trying to reach a celebrity influencer or key opinion leader, also known as a KOL. These types of influencers tend to be busy and over-saturated with emails and DMs. However, an agency will help cut through and get in touch.

So what’s the con? I’m sure you can imagine, agencies are not cheap. Campaigns can run into the thousands. So if you’re thinking of hiring one, look at their portfolio before investing. You can see what influencers they have worked with and the campaigns that they’ve run. How did they do? These companies can give you an idea of how yours might shape up.


You can search TikTok for TikTok influencers or use an agency to hire them. Whatever your choice, ensure that the influencers who you choose to work with align with your brand and that they have healthy performance measures.